Landlords Service Guarantee


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This Coldwell Banker Letting Services Guarantee is the commitment that Coldwell Banker Carlton on listing your property will perform the services stated below:-





Competitive Market Analysis

We will conduct a current Competitive Market Analysis and assist you in determining the most effective rental list price for your property.


Marketing Action Plan

We will present a customised, written Marketing Action Plan to market your property. This may include open viewings, when appropriate, or other options like the Blue Ribbon Investor designation.


Home Enhancement

We will develop a plan to enhance your property’s ability to attract buyers, as described in the Coldwell Banker Home Enhancement Guide.


Coldwell Banker Action Team

We will present your property to our Coldwell Banker lettings team. We will share with you the team’s recommendations to help realise the best price for your property.


Promotion to Other Coldwell Banker Offices

We will promote your property to other Coldwell Banker offices and Sales Agents in the area.


Multiple Website Listing Service

We will list your property on our office web site, and promote it also on the national and international websites and

We shall also list your property on nationally well known lettings websites such as &



Direct Marketing

We will distribute promotional materials on your property to prospective tenants on our database and particularly review our Corporate Client’s requirements to ascertain if your premises match a requirement.



Coldwell Banker Yard Sign

We will place a Coldwell Banker TO LET sign on your property to help generate calls to our office from prospective tenants.




 Marketing Activity Report

We will provide you with a Marketing Activity Report on a regular basis to keep you informed of competitive market conditions, tenant activity and the actions we have taken to market your property.


Personal Touch and Timely Response

We will return your phone call or e-mail within 24 hours or less and provide you with a weekly progress report on the promotion of and rental of your property.


Offers and Qualifying Tenants

We will review all offers as they are presented, and will negotiate on your behalf to reach a lease agreement on terms that are favourable to you.

We shall adopt best practice to vet and qualify prospective tenants and when qualified shall

·         Prepare the lease agreements and have them signed

·         Obtain usual deposit and rental advance

·         Complete and file the PRTB form on your behalf

·         Monitor and inform you of the progress of the transaction, including the satisfaction of all contingencies and conditions.

·         Account to you for all monies received


Coldwell Banker Landlord Pack


We shall provide you with a Coldwell Banker Landlord Pack evidencing your compliance with the 2004 Residential Tenancy Act and providing a history footprint of the transaction.


Compliance Assistance


To assist you with all your legal and revenue compliance obligations, Landlord clients of Coldwell Banker are entitled to a free consultation with a solicitor and/or accountant nominated by us. Consultations can be arranged through your Coldwell Banker office manager.


Rental Guarantee


We can provide for your rental income to be guaranteed, insuring against your tenant failing to pay rent whilst remaining in occupation.


Should Coldwell Banker not perform the services as stated above, you are entitled to terminate the listing agreement on your property. Written termination should be addressed  to the Office Manager. You also agree to provide Coldwell Banker with an opportunity to correct the situation within a 24-hour period following the delivery of the termination notice. If the  listing agreement with you is terminated, the termination provisions of the exclusive listing agreement shall apply.



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