Why Choose Coldwell Banker Carlton Estate for Property Sales?

1. Our Experience

Coldwell Banker Carlton Estates, under ownership and management of Pat Falvey, is a registered professional real estate agency in Cork city. We pride ourselves on our superior quality property valuations, property marketing and property sales in Cork city and county.

Coldwell Banker Carlton Estates was established in January 2014, an extension of Carlton Real Estate which was established in 2009 by Pat Falvey, Managing Director. Pat has almost 10 years’ experience in the real estate industry in the Cork region. Shortly after completing a course in Real Estate, his career began in 2004 when he held a position as Senior Negotiator and Manager at Countrywide Homes in Blarney. In 2006, Pat moved his career to Sherry Fitzgerald in which he held a senior position. Now with ownership of Coldwell Banker Carlton Estates (previously Carlton Real Estate), Cork Student Lettings and Trackmysale, Pat has gained a strong understanding of the industry and of the essential elements of managing and running a successful business.

With Pat’s personal experience, along with the experience of all other staff members, Coldwell Banker Carlton Estates holds pride in their overall involvement in the real estate industry. 

2. Our Company Skills

Coldwell Banker Carlton Estates acknowledges that not all property sales are the same. No matter how many times you have bought or sold a home, and no matter what type of property it is, selling can be burdened with different issues and opportunities. With our experience, our team will be able to guide you through the sales process, ensuring the best possible result with a minimum level of stress. Some of our skills in property sales include;

  • Expert market knowledge
  • Availability to a wider reach
  • Vast negotiation skills
  • Experience in confining the market to only those with real potential interest
  • Property valuation professionals
  • Ensure time management, withdrawing any personal time consumption from the seller
  • Allows potential buyers the opportunity to evaluate the property without the owner present
  • Identification of home preparation for sale
  • Professional marketing skills

3. Our Ability to Identify Market Needs

Coldwell Banker Carlton Estates prides itself on its ability to identify various market needs, even prior to market identification. Our first-hand experience of the difficulties in sales and lettings has left room for Pat Falvey to identify the inherent need for a system of communication between all parties to a contractual exchange. This led to the development of Trackmysale.com, a contract management system for the utilisation in property sales. This system is still in development but will soon be in practice in Coldwell Banker Carlton Estates.