Guide to letting your property

1. Make sure your property is up-to-scratch:

In order for you to obtain the best value for property, you must ensure that the property is in good living condition.

  • It is advised to have the property fully cleaned and painted between residents.
  • Ensure there is no mould on walls or ceilings in any of the rooms (including bathroom). If there is mould, remove the mould in a safe manner which will ensure it will not grow back.
  • Be sure that all appliances are in a safe working order.
  • Be sure the furniture is in respectable condition.
  • Check the hot water and the showers.
  • Make sure the doors and windows are properly secure.
  • If you have an alarm system, ensure it is in working order.

2. Do your research:

When renting a property, it is essential that you do your homework prior to advertising. You will need to identify the rental value of your property in order to obtain adequate income and a quick let. With our letting services, we can perform a property valuation for your rental house or apartment.

You will then need to know if you are willing to accept rent allowance or simply working professionals/family. This will be dependent on the value of the property which is going to the rental market and the location of such property. There is a maximum rental value for which rent allowance properties must fall under pending on location.

3. Increase your chance of quick rental:

By choosing Coldwell Banker Carlton Estates for your letting needs, we can significantly increase the chance of quick rental of the property if priced adequately. Along with general advertising on the main property websites, we advertise on our own website plus on our office window. This teamed up with the high footfall on South Mall and our “to-let” sign on your property provides the landlord with an increased chance of obtaining the desired tenant/s.

4. Decide on Let-Only or Fully Managed services:

You should decide on whether you would like for your property to be advertised and let by an agency or whether you would like for the full rental process to be managed via full management (see “Why Choose Fully Managed”). Please call us for more details regarding price.

5. Let us know what regulations you would like included in the lease:

All leases have to include rules and regulations including no sub-letting, consistent payment of rent etc. Some landlords may have additional requests to be placed in the lease at their own discretion. We at Coldwell Banker Carlton Estates do not have any issue placing additional agreements in the lease which are realistic and not too demanding for the tenants.

6. Know your rights as a landlord:

Tenants themselves have a number of duties which they must abide by during tenancy. These are outlined in all leases.

  • Pay the rent in time and in full.
  • Refrain from causing damage to the rental property.
  • Refrain from allowing the property to fall into disrepair.
  • You must allow the landlord to inspect the property at reasonable intervals.
  • You must allow the landlord to carry out repairs.
  • You must respect the current residents in the local area, as well as their right to peace and quiet.
  • You cannot sub-let any property.
  • All residents’ information must be given to the landlord.
  • You must allow for any alterations to the property which the landlord may wish to complete for property improvements.
  • You cannot carry out a business from the property without permission.
  • Your personal items are not covered by the landlords property insurance.

7. Know the tenants rights in your property:

 Under law, there are minimum standards which rental property must comply with.

  • It must be maintained in a proper state of structural repair without dampness or mould.
  • All rooms,particularly bedrooms, must have adequate ventilation.
  • All habitable rooms must have natural lighting.
  • There must be screening on any bathroom windows.
  • There must be adequate refuse storage facilities.
  • The installations for supply of gas and electricity must be in adequate condition and allow for the safe removal of fumes.
  • Each property must have a fire blanket and a fire alarm.
  • Multi-unit buildings must have a mains-wired smoke alarm, a fire blanket and an emergency evacuation plan.
  • In all accommodations, including studio apartments, a private toilet facility must be present.
  • Each property must have private kitchen areas and heating facilities.
  • Tenants have the right to appliance repairs if necessary, provided the landlord is made aware of required repairs.
  • Tenants must have a right to the return of deposit provided there is no damage beyond general wear and tear.



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