Guide to Selling Your Property

1. When to Sell your Property

It is recommended that property owners attempt to advertise property for sale prior to finding somewhere to move. This recommendation is simply to save the seller time and stress in relation to finding a property in a limited time scale after the sale of their own home.

2. Choosing an Agent

When deciding on an agent, property owners should attend consultations with a number of agents prior to deciding on an appropriate agent. We would also recommend not choosing the agent who values the property in the highest price bracket. The quotation may not be realistic. If there is a pricing trend among a number of agents, consider they may have had recent sales in the area by which the quotation is based.

3. What will the Agent Do?

The property owner should always ask what tasks the agent will perform in relation to marketing the property and at what cost. It is essential that all sellers are aware of the associated costs involved with property sales.

4. Preparing the Property for Viewing

Professional cleaning of a property can increase the value of a property significantly. Consider painting the property in order to brighten up the space. Remove any clutter and personal touches to the property (i.e. remove all photographs and keep furnishings to a necessary amount). This will allow the potential purchaser the opportunity to visualise themselves and their own furnishings in the property.